Sambo visa application process in 2018-2019

Sambo visa application process in 2018-2019


I would like to share updates for Sambo Visa application process that I applied in March, 2018. 

(I am Japanese and my partner is Swedish, living and working in Stockholm )


I have heard that it takes about 13-16months to get all process done , but it might be getting shorter compared to last year. It took 8 months to get mail about booking an interview at Swedish embassy in Tokyo.


First of all… 


The reason why I applied the visa, it had been almost 1.5 years since we started living separately in Japan and Sweden, and his job hunting for recruitment agencies in Tokyo is not going  well (because he does not live in Tokyo and cannot speak Japanese at all, so.. )  so that I decided to go to Sweden first. 


I am still planning, and need to plan details with him when I go to winter trip to Sweden next month, but I would go there next Spring… hopefully. 


It is kinda sad to leave Tokyo because I love my job and love colleagues. but also very excited to live with my partner finally together and learn new culture/language!!:)) 


Applied Sambo Visa on March, 2018


How to Apply 

So.. First of all, Go to Swedish immigration website(

)and Apply from… → Apply for a permit → permit for living with someone in Sweden→ planning to marry or become the cohabiting partner → How to apply 


Following items are required to be filled in English or Swedish: 

① My personal data (name / birthday / address / contact / passport, etc…)

② My family’s data(same as above)

③ Partner’s data  (above+Personal number, etc.. )

④ His/Her family’s data (same as above)

⑤ My partner and my circumstances

⑥ Our Relationship (where, how did you meet)

⑦ How to keep relationship

⑧ Plan for future


Followings are  additional attachments: 

・Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

・Translation of Abstract of the Family Register Certification of Individual Registration


・Apartment contract (when we lived in AUS)


As you can see, there are lots of question (almost 8 pages!) and took 3 weeks! to get this done. it is better to Skype your partner and do together:) 



After 8months waiting.. 


I knew that it would take 13-16months, but 8months to get first official email from the immigration office! so LONG.. to get 2 years visa..!!lol  


We have sent a few email to the immigration office, like how is the process going? or our application received safely..? or something like that. he even called to them but everything we did didn’t help to make the process faster. So all we need to do is, just wait and enjoy your life at your place:)  


Just 2 weeks ago, beginning of November, 2018,  


My partner finally got a call from Swedish immigration office about his salary details and apartment contract. 2 days after that, I also got 2emails. One was about additional documents (5 photos of us) and the other was appointment request for an interview at Swedish embassy in Tokyo. 


I will take an interview in February-March, 2019 (which is just one year since we applied the visa!!) and will report the interview details later !! 


Thank you very much for reading!!